Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid Skies

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Vivid.”

‘Cause you’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars
Such a heavenly view
You’re such a heavenly view
(Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars)

When I look up, all I see is lovely, sunny, tropical sky. Vivid at all day. Always like that, especially in these times. Hot days. Wish you all safe summer.

Langit Pantai Depok Yogyakarta

Clear sky in Yogyakarta beach

Langit di atas taman Bandung

Clear sky above Bandung park. Not much different, right?

Foto taman bandung sore hari

Same park, in the evening

Pemandangan sunset di ITB

Taken at my campus. Sunset light between trees and buildings.

Foto apartemen Cihampelas Bandung

Sky and brand new skyscraper apartment in Bandung

3 respons untuk ‘Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid Skies

  1. Gara berkata:

    Summer has finally come to town! Great photos–I love the blue color! Especially the first photo–it’s my favorite!


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