Street Art of Bandung City Zoo

Bandung is filled with restless creative minds. They create fine arts on every corner of the city. Clean walls are rare sight these days. Walls are filled with various forms of street art. May it be mural or graffiti. This kind of creativity is supported by local government as long as the message is positive. So, you will find many galleries of street art in Bandung. One of cool gallery, yet not praised enough, is located at Jl. Tamansari Bandung. The exact place is on the walls of Bandung City Zoo. It is next to my campus, and today I only have little to do. So I captured some street art there and post it. The complete list of photos are available on my Pinterest Board. Enjoy. Graffiti Bandung Mural Bandung Tamansari Mural hijau kota Bandung kreatif Mural adventure time Indonesia Karya seni anak kreatif Bandung Mural kreatif di kebun binatang Bandung Crazy cool graffiti Indonesia Karya seniman jalanan modern Bandung Karya mural di dinding kebun binatang Apakah mural itu dilarang di Bandung? Nampaknya tidak juga Street Art of Bandung City Zoo Karya kontemporer para creative mind dari Bandung Graffiti yang melambangkan pahlawan Mural buatan anak muda Bandung