EF#14 Weekly Challenge: Wargreymon

I hear your call, and this is my submission for EF#14 Weekly Challenge: Favorite Cartoon Character

Digimon generations

Digimon generations, by KoujiGirl

It’s really exciting to talk about childhood memories of course. When the phrase “favorite cartoon character” came up, I immediately remembered some cool cartoons to watch on Sunday morning. I and my brother used to watch TV together. We were amazed by vibrant storyline, fresh humor, little weird voice acting (as if some characters were played by one voice actor), and most importantly bad-ass characters.

The TV shows in 90s didn’t involve crappy love story, swaggin’, and some other nonsense stuff like these days. Even though most cartoons are nonsense, 90s cartoons had important values to learn. Dominantly about friendship and determination. So at least I was taughtΒ something useful.

When I was trying to decide featured character, I had a bit of dilemma. I like kind of strong and dependable character, and also full of compassion. One who grows together with his/her friends. One with real ultimate power without tendency to corrupt. Sometimes being silly but never let his/her friends down. Two candidates crossed into my mind: Songoku and Wargreymon. Later I thought that Songoku was too far away out of my realm. Do you know what it feels like to be the strongest in the universe? That’s hard to imagine. Then I have decided, it is Wargreymon.

Why choose Wargreymon? Before I explain it further, let’s take a look into the cartoon setting. If I recall correctly, it is a character in the first season of Digimon series. Wargreymon is the final evolution of Agumon, owned by Taichi Yagami the lead protagonist. Taichi and his friends wereΒ lost in Digimon World. Then each found a Digimon companion. Together, they fought antagonist entity that tried to devour Digimon World into corrupted state. Of course it has happy ending, it’s children show πŸ™‚

Agumon Digimon

Agumon, by zeromarusaur

The cute Agumon was furious, just like its owner. They learn many things together. The bond gets stronger as they adventured more. Those bond was requirement for Digimon evolution. The stronger bond you have between you and your companion, the further your companion can evolve.

wargreymon digimon

Wargreymon, by the-hary

I choose Wargreymon due to several reasons. First, he kick-ass! Even among Digimons on later series, I still prefer Wargreymon as best Digimon ever. Then, as I mentioned earlier, the strength didn’t some from heavens. It’s result of endless struggle to wipe out bad guys. By struggling together, the bonds get stronger. That’s where real power (or success in real life) comes from. Third, such immense power is used to uphold justice and protect his friends. Not many people can do that.

So, that’s lessons I learn from my favorite character. What about you? Please comment below. Thanks πŸ™‚

13 respons untuk β€˜EF#14 Weekly Challenge: Wargreymon’

  1. the important process when we watch something is the possitive side or the lesson that we got in it and I think this cartoon was success to transfer the lesson to you or maybe you who have been success to take the lesson there. Nice post πŸ™‚


    • Well thanks. This is one cartoon I remembered well. When I was child, I didn’t think that far. I only like the Wargreymon. Then, instead of remembering the plot, I realized that there are many good things I could learn from such simple evolution process πŸ™‚


  2. cicianggitha berkata:

    it’s also my brother’s favourite, although i fail to see why until now.. πŸ˜€ i guess it’s a “boy thing”, am i rite? hehehehe…


  3. I also like Digimon first series. My favorite character is the sibling Yamato and Takeru, hehe. But I agree with you that the bonds between Wargreymon and Taichi is the strongest πŸ™‚


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