Happiness on Rice Field

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

Long dry season is tough time to grow crops. But mother nature is generous enough to let us cherish in joy of harvest. These are pictures taken in Sukorejo, Ponorogo. Seeing yellow rice fields along your journey. People harvest the crops in traditional way. In some areas, black smoke is visible as result of burned hays. Trucks, pickups, even motorcycles carrying harvested crops. Economic activity will take place soon. These are happy times. This fortunate soil is happy place for those who place their life on crops. Happy place for anyone has time to enjoy it.

jalan pedesaan street view of village

Road to rural area. Wide area of rice fields are on both sides.

panen padi Ponorogo gagal berhasil

Some farmers or labors are harvesting the crops

masa panen padi di desa Ponorogo

The leftovers are stacked and ready to be burned. The ashes will be used as raw materials for cement and other products

Pemandangan sawah pedesaan

Typical landscape in Sukorejo on harvest season.

mobil pengangkut hasil panen Ponorogo

Pickup truck is ready to deliver harvested crops to town

Harvest season arrives
Rural farmers thrives for hope
Children running happily
on sides of rice field

Iwan Fals – Potret Panen+Mimpi Wereng

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