Geometric Intricacy

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Intricate.

When I first read the “intricate” term, I imagine the beauty of complexity around us. Both natural and artificial. In this post, my choice went for intricate works in geometry.

First one, wooden puzzles. They are precise, beautiful, yet frustrating.

puzzle kayu

Fine craftsmanship, delicate intricacy, fun challenge

tetris puzzleThen, architecture. You can some exquisite ornaments of Turen Mosque in Malang, East Java. (Read my old post about Turen Mosque for more pictures)

Islamic architecture

Indoor ornaments of Turen Mosque.

Seni dan arsitektur Islam

Outdoor ornaments of Turen Mosque

Finally, special geometric display. Both pictures were taken on my campus, Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Karya mahasiswa ITB

This one is huge

sains teknologi seni ITB

Geometric installation on campus

7 respons untuk ‘Geometric Intricacy

  1. Is Masjid Turen the one that is so big and strikingly contrast with the surroundings so people say it appeared out of nowhere? If it is I went there once.


  2. Gara berkata:

    Wow, amazing photos, Mas. Especially from Turen area. There are several places that I want to visit in Turen. Ah, I wish I could go there soon :hehe.
    And, wooden puzzles! Thanks for reminding me, tomorrow I will meet my friend from Jogja and I want him to bring me some of it :)).


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