Wall of Old Batavian Bar

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Wall.”

Foto Kota Tua Jakarta Batavia

Old bar in Old Batavia. The old signs on the wall are classic. The bar is not operating anymore, though.

This is a wall of building in Old Batavia or Kota Tua Jakarta. The place used to be capital of Dutch Colonial Government. Old Batavia was busy with port activities. Life was hard. Fortunately, bar always brought cheers to people. Time had flown away. Now only the building and signs (at least most of them) remained. Indonesian flags are waving.

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NB: I tried to edit my old submission, but the connection was unstable. Then my earlier post went wrong and I can’t fix it. Sorry.


11 respons untuk β€˜Wall of Old Batavian Bar’

  1. Gara berkata:

    Hmm… I think this part of wall now are already revitalized, Mas. It’s already repainted and cleaned… if I’m not mistaken, ya… this is the one at the left (west) alley of MSJ, right?


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