[EF#8 – Weekly Challenge] A Letter For My Younger Self

This is a response post for EF#8 Weekly Challenge – Write a letter to younger you, where you have to say something to yourself 10 years ago.

Hi, young man.

You don’t know me. but trust me I know you so well. At this time, you’ll enjoy playing PlayStation and studying around. Don’t worry, that’s fine. You will be great person and get admiration for your achievement. One little advice, don’t forget about your family and friends. Even though it looks like you are the one who struggles a lot, their support is irreplaceable. Be thankful by supporting them back, saying gratitude, and giving special attention for people who worked hardย for you.

When you face challenge or anything unpleasant, just remember this short advice:

Try harder.

It’s better to be worn out. The pain will lost in time. However regrets won’t leave your mind easily. You better don’t have little regrets disturbing you for not having matters doneย right.

I don’t have secret intentions on giving this advice. I just hope you could learn something very important in your life earlier.

Yours, always.


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