[EF#7 – Weekly Challenge] Snap and Tell a Story – When It Rains

This post is a response for Blog English Club EF#7 Challenge. The community here is great and I want to join it. Writing together is always better.

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.

Langston Hughes

Foto pemandangan perkebunan Jawa Barat Bandung Subang

When it’s raining hard when you are on the road, find yourself a shelter and enjoy it

It was about a year ago, in rainy season like these days. My friend and I went to tea plantation in borders of Subang and Bandung. We were preparing for initiation of Student Activity Unit newbies. The unit’s name isn’t shown here to make sure future generations will not find it :P. You know, college students have such tradition. Some would say that college initiation is inhuman and useless. I’ll tell you, the days where oppressing seniors rule the college were long gone. Our target was to pass down all cultural and organizational value in difficult situation. We understood our duty and responsibility. We made sure everything run safely and smoothly. That’s why we were willing to ride motorcycle 40 km away.

Back to the main story, one day we were on the road while raindrops are starting to fall. Gentle at first, then it turned out furiously dangerous. Strong winds and intense rain were too much. Raincoats were useless. Unfortunately, we were in tea plantation area. No shelter around. My friend pulled the motorcycle faster. Thank God, we could find traditional coffee shops and rest area after few hundred meters.

We ordered some coffee, then having conversation. Feeling bored after waiting for almost an hour, I took a picture of tea plantation around. One picture above is my favorite.

So that’s my story. Just remember to bring good raincoat, or suffer in this rainy season.

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