Symmetries We’ve Built

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symmetry.”

Features of symmetry are often found in man-made objects. I’ll show examples about my local architecture style in Indonesia.

Masjid kampung arab pekalongan symmetry

Mosque in Kampung Arab, Pekalongan

Ukiran pemandian tamansari keraton yogyakarta

Upper part of gate in Tamansari Royal Bathing, Yogyakarta

These two have different architecture style due to different cultures that had influenced Indonesia in the past. Anyway, the feature of symmetry doesn’t change. Maybe it is just us, humans, who think that symmetry is pleasing our eyes.

It’s fun to join Weekly Photo Challenges again. I want to mention other closely related submissions, too. You’re all great in depicting beauties in our world.

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