From Depth To The Surface

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

Talking about depth, I’ll take its literal meaning. The photos were taken from my experience during travel in Sangiran Early Man Site near Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. This site is special. Many fossils from Pleistocene era were found. The most important discovery was fossil of Homo Erectus.

Kondisi sekitar Sangiran

The unique roof of Museum Sangiran can be seen far beyond. Meanwhile, my sister and I are walking around the mound.

It is said that the layer containing fossils were lifted up by geological process. The result is abundant remains of ancient creatures. Mostly shells and bones. I wandered away from the museum and went to nearby settlements. Then I found out a mound where villagers usually find interesting fossils.

Bukit fosil sangiran di antara sawah

The mound among rice fields

Fosil kerang di lapisan tanah sangiran

This is what you’ll see upon closer to the mound. All the soil contains ancient shells.

Fosil kerang di lapisan tanah sangiran

Imagine that this very land was in ocean bed.

Too bad I didn’t find some fossil. Well, can’t hope too much. Archaeological excavation needs months, or even years, to find valuable fossils of Homo Erectus and animals in surrounding area. Still, this is fascinating story about depth. Just imagine the ocean bed had risen up within million years. Leaving history to us in the surface world.


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