Write for Your Life!

I’ve been blogging for few months. However, I always look up for content improvements and reader engagement. So, I decided to enter Blogging University: Blogging 101.

Right now, I’m a senior year undergraduate student. Still suffering in thesis of course, but I enjoy it. Major in Information System and Technology of Institut Teknologi Bandung. However, I seldom post content related to my courses. The classes had already pushed me into limit. So I won’t make post about them, except when interesting issues can be brought to broader audience.

Physically I’m fit but short (took me a while to accept it). Strong-willed. Straightforward people, which is contrast to culture of kindness and avoiding conflict in most folks. I got ENTJ in almost all personality test. My inner passion is to make something useful for other people. I tendΒ to make contacts, solving problems, conquering challenges. More importantly, I like them documented. May it be places I’ve visited, dialogues that inspire me, books that provoke my mind, or even small things in life. More specifically, I love to solve puzzles, make DIY stuff, travel anywhere, and be active in interesting project.

In this remote archipelago of Indonesia, writing isn’t yet accepted as positive habit. People who read could be described as dreamer or anti-social. People who write are told, “Do you have nothing better to do?”. Right now social media are full of Indonesians. We like to talk and share about anything, you know. But when it comes down to culture and quality, I’m afraid that my people will only leave traces of rubbish writing.

You can see the big picture. I write to preserve my language. That’s why my blog mostly consists of Indonesian language contents. Don’t worry, translation tools work fine nowadays. If you want different perspective of this unique Eastern people, be sure to hang around. I’ll be glad to visit your blog too :).

My target is to create constant interesting contents. I want to improve my blog, and hopefully create new connection with people around the world. So this is it. I write to make better life, and I have mission to make my people write for their life.


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