Bajaj in Jakarta

This is my first post of Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”

This theme is almost nostalgic for me. I went looking up for some old photos and finally found one:

Bajaj in Jakarta

Bajaj, almost extinct public transportation species in Jakarta

The photo was taken in early 2010. All bajaj in Jakarta are imported from India (Bajaj is actually name of motorcycle manufacture company in India). It became one alternative for public transportation. This fancy three-wheeled vehicle was good choice for mobility: swift, can take you anywhere in the city, at negotiable price (you have to bargain from the beginning). However it’s also loud and somewhat uncomfortable.

There was time when street of Jakarta turned orange due to vast number of bajaj. Then local government decided to create more sophisticated means of transportation. Bajaj were imported as product without service. They survived for decades by dedicated local mechanics, and still running on streets. Still, most bajaj are old. Old vehicles should be replaced, government said.

As a result, bajaj are continuously declining in numbers. I don’t know how many left in Jakarta. They are (mostly) gone. But they will not be forgotten, especially by citizens of Jakarta.


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